How to Weld Sunflower Yard Art [Guide]

How to Weld Sunflower Yard Art [Guide]

Metal art is a great way to brighten up your yard this spring. Get directions on how to create your own DIY welding project — sunflower yard art!

Tools and Materials Needed:


a piece of metal and a plasma cutting torch


Place the sheet metal on some metal tubing to raise it off the table. This allows the cut piece to drop and does not damage the table.

Closeup of a welder holding a plasma cutting torch


Attach the circle cutting guide to the Hobart Airforce 12ci.

Closeup of cutting metal with a plasma cutting torch


Cut out a circle of desired size. It will be used as the center of the sunflower.

cutting out a pattern traced on metal with a plasma cutting torch


Draw shapes of outer petals on sheet metal and cut using Hobart Airforce 12ci.

textured round piece of metal


Use a hammer to shape and add texture to the round piece.

closeup of two pieces of metal for sunflower yard art


Take all the petals and arrange them around the outside of the circle. Set two aside for later.

MIG welding metal pieces for a sunflower yard art project


Tack and weld petals to the center circle.

metal pieces tacked together in the shape of a sunflower


Use the table to bend petals tips to add dimension.

Welder holding a round metal bar


Cut the round bar to the desired height.

bending a round metal bar


Optional: Place curves in the round bar to add effect of stem.

welder holding a completed sunflower yard art project


Tack additional petals to the stem at whatever location you desire.

welding a round bar to sunflower metal art project


Tack weld stem to the back of the sunflower at different points of contact.