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How to MIG Weld a Fire Pit [Guide]

Build a DIY fire pit and get the yard you've always wanted. These step-by-step instructions will have you gathered around the fire in no time!

Tools and Materials Needed:


  • Scrap metal
  • Grinder
  • Clamps
  • Paint

Material Dimensions:

  • Top frame: 4 - 1.5” x 1.5” x .125” angle iron x 36”L
    (cut ends at 45 degrees)
  • Legs: 4 - 1.5” x 1.5” x .125” angle iron x 18” L
  • Side vertical supports: 4 - 1” x 1” x .060” tubing x 33.5” L
  • Side bottom supports: 9 - 1” x 2” x .060” tubing x 8.5” L
  • Bottom leg supports: 4 - 3” x 3” x 3/16” flat stock
    (optional if fire pit place is on a soft surface)
  • Pit sides: See drawing
Fire pit dimensions drawing


welder cutting metal with a plasma cutter
Cut 3/16” plate pieces.

Use a straight scrap piece of metal to help create straight line.
close up of cutting metal with a plasma cutting torch
Cut tubing and angle iron to length. Then cut a 45-degree angle in top four edges of angle iron.
welder grinding the edges of metal
Use a grinder to bevel edges.
welder standing in front of a table with metal and welding equipment
Clamp two corners down to table and make sure it is square.
Welding welding two ends of metal together
Tack weld corners into place.
Welder measuring metal
When all four corners are tack welded, flip over and make sure you are squared.
Welder welding two pieces of metal together
Weld the top of each corner.
close up of welder grinding metal
Grind to make smooth.
closeup of welder clamping two pieces of metal together
Tack legs into corner on the inside of the frame to hide corner welds.
Two welders holding sheets of metal together
Begin building the firebox by placing the bottom square on the table and tack weld each side of the box.

When placing the sides of the fire pit together you are going to want some assistance holding up the sides.
welder welding a metal fire pit
With frame and firebox upside-down on the table, place the firebox inside the frame.
Welding legs onto metal fire pit
Tack, square and weld the firebox to the frame.
Welder MIG welding metal
Weld the decorative side pieces. Place 1” x 1” x .065” tubing horizontal on table with three pieces of 1” x 2” x .065” tubing standing on top. Weld together.
tack welding a metal fire pit
Turn fire pit on its side so it is easier to weld decorative sides in.