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How To Weld a Bird Sculpture [Guide]

Decorate your nest with a DIY bird sculpture. Follow these step-by-step instructions from Hobart partner Michael Vivona to make this metal art.


Tools and Materials Needed:


Close-up of bent spoon for the metal art.
Bend a spoon to create the body and beak.
Close-up of spoon with small bend at the neck.
Bend a spoon to create the head and beak.
Operator holds a spoon and points out where to bend it.
Bend a spoon to create the body and tail.
Operator clamps two bent spoons together to form head and body.
Clamp the head to the body.
Operator clamps two bent spoons together to form tail and body.
Clamp the tail to the body.
Close-up of welding the spoons together.
Weld the spoons together.
Operator bends the spoon handle.
Bend the spoon handle to fit for back piece and cut off the excess.
Close-up of spoons for bird sculpture in progress.
Clamp the back piece to the body and weld the back to the body.
Operator grinds excess material from the sculpture.
Remove the excess beak material.
Operator grinds the beak.
Shape the beak with 60-grit sandpaper, then polish the beak with 120-grit sandpaper.
Operator holds two overlapped forks.
Overlap the forks and clamp together.
Operator holds the cut ends of the knives.
Cut the knife tips to make the tips of the bird wings and weld together.
Operator MIG welds two forks together.
Weld the forks together.
Operator prepares to weld pieces of the bird sculpture.
Clamp the wing tips to the forms, and then weld the forks to the knives.
Pieces of the sculpture laid out on the worktable.
Bend the wing to fit the body.
Operator grinds off excess material.
Cut off the excess material.
Operator prepares to weld a wing to the body.
Weld the wing to the body.
A spoon and a fork with a bent handle on a worktable.
Bend the handle of a fork for the foot.
Operator prepares to cut off excess material.
Cut off the excess material from the fork.
Operator prepares to weld the foot to the body.
Weld the foot to the body.
Operator holds a spoon in a clamp.
Flatten the spoon to create a perch for the bird.
Operator cuts excess material off the spoon.
Cut off the excess part of the spoon.
Picture frame lays on a worktable.
Drill holes to mount the perch to the picture frame and then screw the perch into the frame.
Close-up of welding the bird to the frame.
Weld the bird foot to the perch.