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How to MIG Weld Yard Cup Holders [Guide]

Follow step-by-step instructions on how to create a horseshoe yard cup holder using the NEW Multi-Handler™ 200 multiprocess welder.

Tools and Materials Needed:

Material Dimensions:

yard cup holder dimensions


step 1 yard cup holder
Use two magnets to stand up the rebar in an upright position.
step 2 yard cup holder
Align the center of the horseshoes with rebar on both sides of the magnets.
step 3 yard cup holder
Tack weld the horseshoes to the rebar.
step 4 yard cup holder
Make sure the horseshoes are flat and centered. 
step 5 yard cup holder
Complete the weld on both horseshoes. 
step 6 yard cup holder
Mark the placement of the bottom cup holders. 
step 7 yard cup holder
Create cup stoppers and weld to the horseshoes.
step 8 yard cup holder
Tack and weld the bottom horseshoes of cup holder to the rebar.
step 9 yard cup holder
Center 10” piece of rebar near the bottom of the stand and tack weld. 
step 10 yard cup holder
Use the carpenter square, and make sure the two rebar pieces are square.  
step 11 yard cup holder
Weld the 10” piece of rebar to create a ground stopper.