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How To MIG Weld a Horseshoe Boot Rack [GUIDE]

Organize your boots in style with this DIY metal boot rack!


Tools and Materials Needed:


Horseshoes arranged on a worktable.
Lay six horseshoes face down in a horizontal line.

TIP: Use a piece of square tubing to make sure the horseshoes are laid out evenly.
Operator tack welds the horseshoes.
Make sure the horseshoes are square and then tack weld them together.
Operator welds a line of horseshoes.
Repeat steps 1 and 2 to make an additional line of six horseshoes.
Operator arranges horseshoes on a worktable.
Lay five horseshoes face down in a vertical pattern.
Operator tack welds horseshoes.
Tack weld the five horseshoes together.
Operator lays horseshoes on top of first group of horseshoes.
Repeat steps 4 and 5 to make an additional group of five horseshoes.

TIP: Use the completed pattern of the five horseshoes from steps 4 and 5 as a template to make sure the new pattern is even.
Operator stands the end pieces at a 90-degree angle on the table.
Stand the end pieces at a 90-degree angle and make sure they are square by using the carpenter square.

TIP: Use a piece of square tubing and push the end pieces up to it to ensure they are level to each other.
Operator holds horseshoes pieces together.
Bring the boot holder horseshoes flush with the top of the second horseshoe from the bottom.
Operator tack welds the end pieces.
Tack weld each side of the boot holder horseshoes to the end pieces.
Operator welds on the other end piece.
Complete the weld on each side. For extra support, weld underneath as well.
Operator welds second boot holder to the ends.
Bring the second boot holder piece of horseshoes flush to the top of the end piece of horseshoes, then tack weld each side.
Operator welds each side.
Complete the weld on each side and weld underneath for extra support.
Operator places rebar in the center.
Place one piece of rebar in the center between the bottom horseshoes.
Operator tack welds one side of the shoe rack.
Tack weld one side.
Operator measures the shoe rack height.
Measure to the same height on the opposite end, then tack weld the other side to the piece of rebar.
Operator welds the rebar piece.
Weld all the way around both sides of the rebar.
Operator welds the second piece of rebar to the shoe rack.
Repeat with the second piece of rebar, placing it at the bottom of the top horseshoe on the same side, with the horseshoe opening facing toward you.