How to MIG weld a Hanging Chair | HobartWelders

How to MIG Weld a Hanging Chair [Guide]

Follow step-by-step instructions on how to create a hanging chair using your favorite Hobart® welder.


Tools and Materials

  • Multi-Handler 200 Multiprocess welder
  • 5 – .875” x .095” round
  • tube 19’ (Main frame hoops) 2 – .875” x .095” round
  • tube 20’ (Seat frame, back) 1 – 1⁄2” x .095” round tube
  • 12’ (Seat back)
  • 1 – 3/8” round bar 9’ (Lifting device and wrap around tubes at top)
  • 1 – 3/8” Chain – length will vary (or anything you choose to hang the chair)
  • Metal Saw
  • Grinder (4 – 1⁄2”)
  • Flap & cut-off wheels Tape measure
  • Paint marker
  • Oxy fuel with rose bud
step 1: two people rolling tub into a circle
Once tubing is cut and cleaned, roll into equal circles.
a welder welding a piece of metal
Bring the ends of the tubing together with a weld.
step 3: a welder welding
Place and stabilize additional chair rings to foundational (middle) ring, and weld.
step 4: two metal circles intersecting
Cut and place two bottom support bars (10-12”) in between each chair ring, and weld.
step 5: welder standing in front of an incomplete chair
Place and stabilize final two chair rings, and weld.
step 6: closeup of a welder welding
Cut and place two side support bars (2”) in between each chair ring, and weld.
step 7: overhead view of welder welding
Measure and cut pipe tubing for bench seat, and weld.
step 8: welder holding two pieces of metal together
Mark and place seat support bars, and weld.
step 9: welder welding ring to hanging chair
Wrap and weld small loop to top, center of structure for hanging purposes.
step 10: welder welding pieces of metal together
Measure, place and weld backrest onto structure.