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Champion® Elite 225: Smaller, lighter, simple to use and easy to maintain.

The powerful yet lightweight design of the Hobart Champion Elite 225 engine driven welder offers 10,000 watts auxiliary power and DC welding capabilities, all in a compact package for ease of portability. The Champion is built to optimize weld quality by providing quick and consistent arc starts. Select each feature below to learn more.

The Champion Elite 225 Engine Driven Welder

Gets More Done

The Champion Elite 225 helps you get more work done because it delivers full auxiliary power while welding at any amperage. That means you can run lights and other AC power tools while you're stick welding mild steel up to 1/2-inch thick. Get two jobs done at once.

Takes Up Less Space

With a 15% smaller footprint and almost 25% less weight than the previous model, the new Champion Elite 225 takes up less space on your truck and lets you carry more of the other tools you need. Best in class weight at 373 lbs. and best in class size to fit better in trucks and UTV's.

Makes Better Welds

New technology in the Champion Elite 225 gives you more control of the arc: It's easier to manipulate, so you can make better stick welds. Easy arc starts and arc stability/consistency. 

Easier to Use and Maintain

The new Champion Elite 225 has multiple advantages that make it simpler to operate and speeds up routine service:

  • Electronic fuel gauge with maintenance hours makes it fast and easy to check the fuel level and know when to get it into maintenance.
  • Single-knob amperage control makes it faster and easier to set weld parameters.
  • 240-volt receptacle allows plasma cutters and other tools to be used without an adapter.
  • Updated design makes it easier and faster to access routine maintenance items like the spark plugs, fuel filter and oil drain plug.
  • Commercial-quality engine is designed for a long life of reliable service.

Stick Welding Benefits

Stick welding (SMAW – Stick Metal Arc Welding) is a simple yet versatile, inexpensive and portable welding process. Flux coated welding rods are used, eliminating the need for bottled shielding gas like that used in MIG welding or TIG welding.

  • Skill level required: Moderate
  • Suited for windy, outdoor conditions
  • Forgiving on dirty or rusty metal
  • Can weld at a long distance from machine

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