This has been a helpful post. But, I have a question. I have built a pipe burner for my BBQ/smoker, it has about 24 of flame length. I have a regulator from an older gas grill, (propane), I built a 2-1 venturi from a bell reducer. My pipe is 1 black pipe. I drilled holes slightly larger than 1/16, as I was breaking too many, and switched to a different style of bit. The holes are 3/8 to apart, 2 rows.
My question has to do with the length of the flames. I have nice blue flames, but they are only about 1 long. Is my orifice to small, or to large? It is drilled at a #54 (.055). Do I need to make it bigger or smaller so I can get a longer flame?
Thanks for any input/help on this.