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    Helmet flashes once then shuts off - ?

    I tried using the search function but I'm just colorblind enough to not be able to read all the letters / numbers !

    My helmet is probably 10 years old or so. The only ID I can find on is on the shade control - KSP 8141.

    It's always worked well until now.

    I turn it on, it flashes once then shuts off.

    Replaced battery same thing -

    Let it sit in direct sunlight 4-5 hours - same again.

    ??? Any help ?

    A new helmet is a little outside of my SS budget -

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    Are we assuming a Hobart brand, or is it a generic and we don't know that, either?

    If you can't provide good ID numbers, at least post a pic of the module. Someone here is probably familiar with it.

    I don't know what an "SS" (Starving Student?) budget is, but auto hoods are a convenience. If you don't want one of the cheap ones (I don't know if they are worth it), don't feel bad at all to use a standard hood. I still have one as my third backup.

    The upfront cost of a high-quality hood can be daunting. But if doable, look at the amortization instead. My Jackson EQC Executive was outside my budget in 2001 at $250. Not counting batteries, which last a long time, and are standard alkalines, or cover plates when I get to where I can't see through them anymore, it is still working, which means it's cost me $1.30 a month. I only just now replaced the headgear because a friend set a grinder on it.

    When I had more money to spend only a couple years later, I thought I'd "upgrade" to a Miller Big Window Elite, and bump my Jackson to being a backup. My Miller BWE still works, too, over a dozen years later, but it's that older Jackson that I grab first.

    That probably didn't help, but I was rambling on.
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    KSP8141 is a Hobart Discovery helmet.

    Edit: Even if someone had the skills to repair the A/D module, I'm certain most parts would not be available, or any troubleshooting information such as typical voltage measurements.

    I bought a cheap Harbor Freight A/D helmet as an impulse buy. It was.....OK....for stick and mig, not so good for tig. Fluorescent lights or direct sunlight made it darken. It used only solar cells, no batteries so it *would not* work if it was dark in the area (think about pushing it into late evening) and you'd be flashed. I gave it away and bought a Miller Digital Elite.

    I know you're tight for bucks but MAC702's logic is sound. Actually the cheaper Hobert, Lincoln and Miller lids seem to get decent reviews these days so you don't have to spend a lot to get a worthy item if you stay with quality companies.
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