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    hobart 300 flathead 6 gb-318

    I got a Hobart 300 with flathead 6 Chrysler Model #GB-318 Serial# 12cw-24115 just trying to find out that year it is
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    SPEC#3623 built June 1962. Looks as though it was sold to Transportation Officer ?Barkstown?(that part was hard to see), LA. Military perhaps?


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    Where is a good place to get gasket

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    Interesting history

    Quite interesting the records were even kept. A piece of history.
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    Probably best bet would be to determine what model engine it is (Cubic Inch) and look at Dodge or Plymouth automobile or truck parts at some place like Rockauto.com or local parts house.. With local part house you can stare and compare old with new for exact part... Have feeling if you know cubic inches of engine the may be only one gasket set for all 6 cylinder flat heads of that series.....

    Maybe as just a guess...


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