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    Newbie from Iowa with a desire to weld

    Hello everyone!

    I joined this site because I'm interested in getting into welding as more of a hobby. I really enjoy building things for my lawnmower (weight brackets, attachments). I see lawn art that my wife likes and think to myself, "$70 WHAT, I could make that". I also wouldn't mind building some work benches. I'm looking at mainly things that are under 5/16". I also will likely be welding during the evenings and weekends so the availability of gas is not good. I'm curious to learn what people think would be a good purchase and also to get some ideas for projects.

    I have welded before mainly in FFA and high school but I would definitely still consider myself a newbie. I am the kind of person that likes to buy quality items if the difference in price isn't outrageous. I have a friend who has used a Lincoln 125HD to build and fix all sorts of things on his farm. From my little research I've done I'm interested in Miller, Hobart, and Lincoln. The local farm and fleet store carries Hobart items. I'm curious what would be similar in the Hobart/Miller lineup to the Lincoln 125HD.

    Also, where is a good source to really learn the science behind welding and the different types of welding?

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    Hello and welcome to the Forum. Lots of good info here.

    As for your post all I can say is:

    Youtube and the Hobart Handler 140

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    Ditto, Fleet Farm or TSC (watch for sales) has the lowest prices on the Hobart 140 Handler. You do need a good heavy duty 115 volt outlet capable of 20 amps. You can get C25 mix at Prax Air or other welding supply houses. Some Arnold Motor supply places sell and exchange tanks.
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    A good resource besides here (Hobart forum) ...


    Welcome and have fun....

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