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Thread: gas choice

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    Oct 2017
    Personally I always use 75/25 unless it's something where I really don't care about spatter. It's not much more expensive and produces better results.

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    Dec 2016
    An update, I have been using C02 since this spring and am quite happy with the results.

    I'm following through with my plan A and have a bottle of C25 dedicated to my Lincoln with .023, I've been using both .030 and .035 wire with the 210, honestly can't say which the machine likes better.

    Compared to the cost of good flux core wire the C02 will pay for itself quite soon.

    After watching a video of Jodies about tuning the wire speed I was able to find a very good sweet spot with very little spatter. I think I made the right choice, both in the welder that I bought and the gas choice.

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