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    Make Sure You Get A Good Respirator

    Get a good one and be sure to use it. For the 2 part paints you really need a fresh air supply but lots of guys paint outside with a new cartridge in their mask. Isocyanates break down the filtration of the mask and are odorless so you don't want to push it since you don't know when its getting through. Dangerous stuff and the effects are accumulative over time. Thats the big benefit of HVLP in my world. You get very little of the noxious cloud to worry about which is always a good thing. You can do a lot with Rustolium paints but compared to a 2 part epoxy it is really lame by todays standards. I made up a tailgate for a horse trailer last spring and primed it in 2 part Kirker Enduro epoxy primer. Its not rated #1 but $80 got me 2 complete gallons rather than the usual $220 for a name brand like Dupont for only 1. Its so hard I could whack it with a hammer and it wouldn't crack or peal. A lot of auto refinishers use it on their less expensive car repairs and such. The other thing to watch out for with Epoxys is the recoat time frame. If you don't put the finish or next coat on within a day or so you have to scuff it with sandpaper so it will have enough "tooth" to stick properly.

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    If I would have known about that epoxy paint, I would have kept my last F150, sand'd down the rust panels, and sprayed it with Por15 or that epoxy, lol.

    Might look ugly flat black, but alteast it would have stayed together.

    Hunting for a newer truck now.

    I'm sticking to simple paint for now, but that's an interesting process for down the road.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tooldude56
    I have owned many spray guns,but my latest purchase is the one that really puts a smile on my face.I bought a Sata digital 2 HVLP gravity gun and could'nt be happier.I use the 1.4 tip and have sprayed mostly Sherwin Williams industrial enamels,so far.I surely am not a proffessional painter,but my 4 sons and I have restored and painted a fair amount of old toolroom type machinery,and we am fussy when it comes to the paint.After we spend a year or two restoring a machine,we are not going to cut any corners and we want the paint to be perfect.That is why I was compelled to buy a high quality gun,I need all of the help that I can get.One feature that I love about this gun is the digital pressure gauge and regulator that are built in to the handle.On my other guns,the external regulator always seemed to be right in the way,when trying to get in to tight spots.These guns have really came down in price,because I paid near $700.00 for mine when I bought it.I posted 2 links for Sata guns,but the second link in the correct model number for the gun that I have.I dont have a clue of what the difference is,other than the higher price.


    http://www.thetoolwarehouse.net/shop/SAT-93476.html { MY GUN }

    the only difference with the part numbers is the tip size. yours is a 1.4 and the other is a 1.3. i think you paid way too much for your gun though. you should have spent more time and shopped for a better price. i got the same gun but the 1.3 tip for $388. you could have got yours for the same price. http://www.smartshoppersinc.com/Sata/sata.html

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    Harbor Freight item# 43430 sata copy. 39.95 . The copies I 've used from HF are nearly 10 years old now so these may be slightly different. But I think this is the gun for you.

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    HVLP Setup

    While I know this is an old thread I thought I would provide a thought or two. IF you are using a gravity fed spray gun you will typically want to consider one with a few tips for industrial coatings a 1.4 or 1.8 will often bes used while for automotive finishes your usually in the 1.0, 1.2, or 1.4 sizes. A decent Mid level gun would be a devilbiss FLG 670 it comes with a 1.3, 1.5, and 1.8 in the kit. If your trying to determine why spray gun prices vary here is a helpful article. Spray Gun Prices and Why They Vary

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