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How to MIG Weld a Grinder Stand [Guide]

Looking to create a space for your grinder? Fabricate one with this step-by-step guide on creating a grinder stand using a MIG welder.


Tools and Materials Needed:


plasma cutting
Cut plate material into top and bottom plate measurements listed above. Top plate sizes may vary depending on the size/name brand of the grinder.
drilling a hole in metal
Drill mounting holes 1” in for each corner of bottom plate so it can be mounted to the floor.
holding a piece of metal
Drill holes in the top plate to match the mounting holes on your grinder.
holding a piece of metal
Place four marks on base plate to outline and center post.
measuring metal pieces with a square
Center and square post on base plate.
tack welding two pieces of metal together
Tack weld post to base plate to hold in place.
measuring two pieces of metal with a square
Check to make sure the post is square to the base plate.
tig welding two pieces of metal together
Weld post to bottom plate.
Make sure post and top plate are square, then tack weld into place.
MIG welding metal
Double check for square, then finish welding the top plate to the post.
bottom of a grinder stand
Mount base plate to floor with four bolts.
closeup of grinder
Mount grinder to top plate using the required number of bolts.