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How Multiprocess Welders Save You Time & Money [Guide]

When it comes to finding the right welder to fit your needs, there are a few questions you must ask yourself: 

  • Am I always working on different types of projects? 
  • How much space do I have to store my welder?
  • How much space do I need to weld? 
  • How much do I want to spend on welding equipment?

 But maybe the most crucial question to ask yourself is: 

  • Could a multiprocess welder be the right fit for my needs? 


The Answer?  It Depends.

Finding the one tool that does everything is kind of like the holy grail for one-man operations and can still cost less than a whole set of specialized machines. It's one of the big reasons why multiprocess welders are so intriguing. But you may be wondering, can they really do it all? And are they worth it? 

With today's technology, there is a sea of welders for you to choose from, which can be overwhelming. But suppose you're looking at different types of welders to support multiple processes you perform on a weekly basis. In that case, few are as practical as a multiprocess welder. Why? Because when you invest in one machine that can do it all versus multiple, you gain more than floor space. 


Here Are Six Reasons Why A Multiprocess Welder Could Be The Ideal Machine for Your Professional Or Personal Needs:


Reason #1 Versatility


Starting with the most obvious advantage of buying a multiprocess machine over a welder dedicated to one welding process: with one machine, you'll have the ability to stick, MIG (wire feed), Flux-core (wire feed), and DC TIG weld all in one machine. Not only does that boost the welder's convenience factor, but it also opens doors to future projects you may have passed on previously. For example, if you're a small business owner who exclusively works on aluminum, investing in a machine that does the work of four can help to diversify your offers. 

Reason #2 Time Saving 


When you want to work with all four main types of welding processes, you're looking at adding multiple machines and setup steps. But, with a single machine, you don't have to spend ample time plugging, moving, or setting up a device every time you switch welding processes. All you have to do is turn a switch, swap materials, and go. By giving yourself the ability to skip steps in switching welding machines, you can even gain precious project time. Saving on time when switching between Stick welding and MIG means getting your project done faster and more efficiently, and that's something we can all get on board with. 

Reason #3 Flexible


The fundamental purpose behind choosing a multiprocess machine rather than a single is to give yourself options. Even if you typically work on one project at a time, jumping between welding processes is the ideal solution to providing the best weld. This is where using a multiprocess welder really comes in handy - because switching the leads and consumables can be done within minutes. There is almost no downside to owning a machine that makes multiprocess use simple.

Reason #4 Portability


Unlike other multiprocess welders on the market, our compact and lightweight design makes setting up your welder manageable. People often don't think of a MIG (wire feed welder) or DC TIG machine as portable, but our multiprocess machine makes it possible. Weighing in between 30-40 lbs., as much as 30% lighter than dedicated MIG or DC TIG machines, setting up your work area as a one-man operation is simple. Portable machines also make storage much more manageable, which brings us to our following reason...

Reason #5 Space Saver


Storage space in shops and garages tend to come at a premium, especially when you have projects and other equipment that needs to be stored. A multiprocess machine occupies only a couple feet of storage and, in some cases, can even fit on a shelf versus floor space to fit multiple machines. So, just as our multiprocess welders are light, they are also compact, especially considering they are four welding machines in one. 

Reason #6 Simple To Use 


Our multiprocess welders make using every feature simple to use, requiring less time learning how to use the machine and giving more time working on completing the project.

Because the settings are adjustable, and the LCD screen is easy to use, you can quickly switch over welding processes (such as going from MIG to TIG)and jump right into the proper settings for your project.


After Weighing the Options...

There are many benefits to purchasing a multiprocess machine, including simplifying your weld-time and improving your overall performance. But one of the most essential benefits of having a machine that can do it all is the amount of money saved by purchasing one machine versus multiple. 

Not only will investing in one reduce labor costs by eliminating the number of people necessary to operate on several machines, but they also save space and cost significantly less than purchasing single purpose welding machines. 

For most welders, choosing a multiprocess welder that can efficiently and flawlessly perform basic welding processes is the dream. It's also why multiprocess welding machines make the most sense for small fab outfits, auto body specialists and home DIY craftsmen.