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Oxy/Acetylene Heavy Duty Outfit Victor Style

Heavy duty oxy-fuel system for faster cutting, heating, welding and brazing in stainless-finish carry-on case. Comes with 3 Cutting Tips.


What's Included

  • HD Torch Handle with Check Valve, 300 Victor Style (770979)
  • HD Cutting Attachment (770978)
  • Cutting Tip 0-1-101 Victor Style (cuts 1/2" thick steel) (770975)
  • Cutting Tip 1-1-101 Victor Style (cuts 3/4" thick steel) (770163)
  • Cutting Tip 2-1-101 Victor Style (cuts 1 1/2" thick steel) (770164)
  • Heating Tip 8-MFA Victor Style (770977)
  • Welding Tip 2-W Victor Style (welds 1/8" thick steel) (770976)
  • HD Oxygen Regulator CGA 540 (2900 psig) (770980)
  • HD Fuel Regulator CGA 510 (218 psig) (770981)
  • Others Stainless-Finish Case, 20ft x 1/4" T-Grade Hose, Flip Front Goggle, Striker, Tip Cleaner
  • O-Ring Set for Cutting Attachment, Replacement (770982)
Stage Regulator
Msintered inlet filter made of electroless nickel-plated bronze prevents contamination on the single stage regulator
Cutting Attachment
Stainless steel tubes for strength and heat resistance on heavy-duty cutting attachment
Heating Tip
Built-in mixer designed for each tip size and flame characteristic for heating tip
Heating Tip
Swaged for proper alignment flame uniformity and free-flow contour with the heating tip
Heavy-Duty Handle
Greater wall thickness with tube-within-a-tube design for torch handle
Heavy-Duty Handle
Massive heavy-ribbed handle for ventilation and sure grip
Cutting Tip
All copper cutting tip for general purpose oxy-acetylene hand or machine cutting
Welding Tip
Swaged one-piece copper elbow used for alignment, uniform flame and free-flow contour on the welding tip; 65 degree angle
Welding Tip
Built-in spiral mixer for optimum flame characteristic by tip size for welding tip


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General Specifications

Title Oxy/Acetylene Heavy Duty Outfit Victor Style
Industries Interests Heavy Equipment