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    Question Victor CA-1050 and 315 ???'s Radnor?

    I just bought a Victor 315 torch handle and a CA-1050 cutting attachment. I see the 315 is one of the largest handles Victor sells (journeyman/contractor), but I can't find any literature on the CA-1050 cutting attachment. The cutting attachment they currently sell is the CA-2460 which looks like the 1050, so I'm guessing the 1050 is just an older model?

    I just want to know the specs for this attachment and what series tip it will need. It comes with a tip in it, but I won't actually get my hands on this thing till sometime Monday or Tuesday. I'm just trying to find out more till then. For general work, what size tip should I use? 0, 2, 4?

    Also, can anyone tell me more about the Radnor brand name? The guys at Airgas told me this was their housebrand that Victor made for them. Looks like the same thing actually. I'm looking at a set of Radnor regulators, the 350 models. I figure they should be heavy enough to handle the 315 handle, right?


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    The 3XX series Radnor regulators should supply a 315 series handle. If the CA1050 is EXACTLY like a 2460, it will use series 1, type 101 tips. If it's like a 2470, it'll use series 3, type 101 tips. Either way, the tips are readily available. All I could find on the 1050 is the Thermadyne price for the repair kit - $30.50. At least you know you can still get parts!

    Can't say for sure if a CA1050 will seat on a 315 series handle.

    Hope this does you some good.

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    In my collection I have a Victor Master Catalog dated 1969, and on page 35 the CA-1050 is one of the cutting attachments listed for the 315 handle (in fact all the 300 series handles). On page 34 the catalog shows the CA-1050 attached to a 315 handle..

    The other cutting attachements for the 300 handles are the C-1450, CA-2050, 2450, and the CAN1050.

    Per the same catalog it takes series 1 and series 2 cutting tips. Series 1-101 is your basic medium preheat tip for acetylene. 2-210N is a similar general purpose tip for propane as the fuel gas.

    Per the catalog a size 0 is good for metal up to 1/2" thick.

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