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    Roger Guest
    List price is only starting point tell them what your willing to pay and settle some place in middle. Still more than your willing to pay ask about adding in consumables at discounted price. Worst case you buy a different welder. Have fun trying to get lowest price. Real people do this all the time without TV cameras recording the event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brucer View Post
    you from australia? reason i ask is you mentioned kempii..

    you might Keep an eye out on cigwelds site, seems like they are releasing the new models before thermal arc does... cigweld are one and the same as thermal arcs just different colors..
    The Caribbean, i've been looking at the cigweld site for updates

    As for the guy looking for the tig welder I would say get the HTP tig welding video it helped me allot.
    regardless of which welder you buy.

    Today I practiced with foot pedal instead hand control.... way easier.

    and get a good helmet ... I just got a lincoln viking 3350 very very nice

    1 more thing the HTP 221 has independant ac amperage controls that is not even available on the miller dynasty 200dx
    but is on the miller 350dx.... new miller 280 tig should be nice but no 120v option so that would be a no go for me.
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    HTP invertig 221 DV
    Lincoln 3350 viking ad
    Next... Hypertherm powermax 65
    Miller Passport Plus with spoolgun
    Lincoln Tombstone
    Grizzly 79" Belt sander
    Firepower Oxy/acetylene
    Ingersoll rand 2 stage comp.

    Measure to build, Hammer to fit, Paint to hide.

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