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    Quote Originally Posted by ccradier View Post
    Sorry, I have ome heavies in the rear about 3" lift over stock height. I think a single draw bar would be fine. For the frame would 2.5 by .120 wall squre tubing suffice. I saw the torsion axles and wow they look sweet. they would deff. let the trailer have great articulation. I did get on craigs list to look for a frame to start with but I think once I fork out for one that dosnt need to much work I could make one exactly the way I want for less than people are asking for there rigged ones. Thanks Cliff
    Torsen axles won't work as well as you think they would off road. Your best and cheapest route would be to use a solid axle with long flat leaf springs. You can get a ton of flex frrom leaf springs.

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    You Tube: Truck U Custom TJ Trailer

    Have you checked out You Tube ??? I am a member of the Wrangler Forum, and there was a post about building a off road trailer . I watched it, the Frame is really pretty simple, I think they used Samuri Springs for the susp..I know the Jeep Bodies for the tub won't do much for a FJ fan, but the frame doesn't get much simpler..
    If you go to You Tube, type in "Truck U Custom TJ Trailer" There is other off road trailer vids showing on that page, some with racks on top ....
    Kinda late, I suppose yer done already !! LOL.... "BH"

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