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    R/C nitro powered truck

    i have a dura trax maximum ST R/C car and i have been having trouble with it running for a while it is always stalling out on me if this gets worse i might be buying a new engine for it but that costs around $89.99
    please tell me anything better that i can do instead of spending 90 bucks on a new engine
    thank you

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    Get an IR temp guage. Measure the engine temp after a few minutes of runs. The carb most likely needs to be adjusted. I suspect it is too lean and not getting enough cooling of engine. There should be a blue smoke out the exhaust. The carb will need to be adjusted as weather and temperature outside changes. There is a good board on www.traxxas.com for troubleshooting.

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    Good advice from BDKS. The only thing I could add is to find someone experienced in RC nitro engines. It really helps in learning the audible, visual and measured input that tells you your engine is properly tuned. Don't risk running it lean and burning it out.
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    Crank needle all the way in.

    turn out 2 1/4 turns.

    Start it. It should be slobbering unburnt fuel out the exhaust. SLOWLY crank the needle in one click at a time, and revving it between clicks. Continue revving it, and turning the needle in untill it clears out(you'll know when this is by the sound), and you get a thin stream of smoke out the exhaust at full throttle.

    Needle valve is the long thing with the thumbwheel knurling on the top.

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