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    century 160 amp wire feed welder

    Hello All,

    First off, this is a great forum. The caliber of discussion here is first rate. I am proud to be a member. My question is this: I bought a Century 160 amp wire feed welder last year for about 500 bucks. Very happy with the performance of it. It is a used machine, and the date code states that it was manufactered back in 1992. What can anyone tell me about the machine, whether it be good or bad. I can take it. It has stitch and spot modes on it. It's a really large machine that came on it's own cart. I understand the Century company has been bought out by lincon. Were these machines any good in their day? and how does it compare to similar powered machines of today. Also could this machine be modified for tig work?

    Thanks inadvance
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    Dave, while I can't help with you with the specifics of your machine, I can tell you that I own a century stick welder ( ac/dc ) and it has been a good machine. I guess it's about the age of your mig. I've done a lot of farm welding with it and never any problems. Built headgates, corrals, loading chutes, stock trailer repair, utility trailer work, wheel disk repair and on and on. I think they built a quality machine back then. Maybe not an all day every day machine but good enough for my needs. Maybe someone will jump in who is knowledgeable about their migs.

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    Nothing wrong with Century. If it works for you, call it OK and weld on. As for adapting it for TIG, it is a contant voltage machine. TIG power sources are constant current. Probably not a good arrangement.

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    Welcome aboard.
    Very happy with the performance of it. You answered your own question Only thing that matters is if you like it.

    I have the big brother to your machine, a 250 AMP model that I got for free. The drive transformer had busted from it's mount and shorted a drive wire. A new 15' gun, some epoxy, a feed wheel from a 120 amp model and a little soldering and I was back in business. I'm quite happy with it although if I had to do it again, I would have bought a shorter gun.

    As to the quality of the machine, I do remember we had a century in the exhaust shop I worked at in 1989. We ran the heck out of that machine and never had a problem with it. While inside my machine, I noticed that all the transformers are copper, not aluminum. Could be this doesn't really matter but, I like to see that mfgs aren't cutting corners where I can recognize it.

    I'm not sure what Lincoln purchased, the Century company, just their welding line, just their higher end welding line .... I still see Century battery chargers for sale, I've seen their smaller welders in Northern Tools catalog and they list up to a 270 amp model on their webpage

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    Ive had good luck with them as by back up units, Remember they started off making battery chargers, and i still have a 200 amp, and has never failed me,,,i use the centuries as a mak up to my millers(3 phase) and my lincoln idealarc,,keep the gun and liner clean and no problems.,,,Jack

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