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12-18-2003, 08:40 PM
From: http://www.welding-direct.com/pca30plassys.html

"This powerful 30 Amp machine cuts up to 3/8" steel and, just like the PCA 20, it incoporates pilot-arc ignition with a fully laminated copper transformer to insure reliable operation in all electrical environments. The system comes complete with built in air regulator, NPT32s torch with 12' cable, heavy-duty work piece ground clamp, owners manual and spare parts kit. Made in the USA"

Anyone have an opinion of this unit?


12-18-2003, 11:00 PM
A friend of mine has the 20 amp model of that machine(his is an HTP rebadged unit though). It's a good machine for the price in my opinion. I imagine it'd be a good 1/4" machine despite it's claim of 3/8's ... the more modern technology machines have alot more cutting capacity for the same amperage it seems. The Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 38 for instance, a 30amp machine with alot more cutting power. But it costs right at $1050 or so on eBay ...

- jack

12-19-2003, 04:17 AM
not sure how the thermal dynamics machine compares to the hypertherm powermax 380 but while i was at nexair getting an argon tank today, they had a flyer that had it on sale for $1,075. they have used ones under $1k

link (http://www.nexairweldingequipment.com/store/uplasma_weld.html) :)