View Full Version : for sale Lincoln SA-200 on trailer $900, lakeland FL

06-30-2008, 03:20 PM
super good deal (my opinion only), found this on craigslist. still available when I spoke to the guy on the phone about three hours ago *today*. don't know the guy, never met him, and I have no vested interest in the deal. he wants $900 for (what looks to be a) nice Lincoln SA200 welder on the trailer, with leads...

lincoln welder

here's the info that's NOT in the post:

welder has hand crank AND electric start, both working. "welds good AND runs good" per the seller. tires are new, seller says (though he recommends repack wheel bearings for a 2.5 hour tow). trailer it's attached to (goes with it and) requires a two inch ball. says he took the muffler off, and it needs a new muffler. unclear wether he still HAS the old muffler or not. says it's been brush-repainted with (I assume gray) rustoleum (after these photos were taken, I guess, which means "very recently"). engine is a continetal, four cyl flathead. he 'thinks' vacuum-operated governor

seller also says (I asked, assuming most guys would prefer to spray it) the repaint is on the outside-facing skin surfaces only, not on the engine, not inside the engine compartment, and not on the inside of the side lids. per mickey, it has VERY little rust.

guys name is mickey, he's in lakeland FL

let's assume, folks, that if the craigs site address above doesn't answer the welder HAS been sold. I know NO more about than is posted here, so no reason to ask me anything...I couldn't give you an answer to it anyway :p

good luck,