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out in the shop
05-25-2007, 01:27 PM
does any one know ehat the -1 means? i know what hr4 means. but my lws looked in his book, and couldnt tell me nuttin. thanks todd

05-25-2007, 05:09 PM
A E7018 needs to make min 20ft lbs at -20deg F on Charpy V-Notch ( impact properties )

A E7018-1 needs to make min 20ft lbs at -50deg F . This a significant difference in impact properties

To put this number in perspective, self shielded cored wires such as 21B and NR211 or Coreshield 11 wouldnt have a hope in **** to to make -50deg impacts . Stick electrodes such as E6011 , E6010, E7024 etc would barely make -20 deg

Having said all that, the thoughness requirement of -50deg F is typically found in the pressure vessel industry and is overkill for general purpose work

In case you were wondering,

E7018-A1 is a A1 chemistry ( 0.5 Moly ) for high temp applications

05-25-2007, 06:47 PM
Not to veer too far off track and It's probably only interesting to me but you can get pretty good charpies from several cellulosic rods.

5P (6010) reaches into the low 70's
5P+ or 6P+ (6010) the low 60's
the new Hippy (7010-P1) the low 40's
All of those in the "as welded" condition, @ -20F

8P+ (8010-P1) will do low 70's @ -20F and low 60's @ -50F
70+ (8010G) goes upper 50's @ -20F and upper 40's @ -50F
Shield-Arc 80 (8010G) upper 70's @ -20F and mid 60's @ -50F
Shield-Arc 90 (9010G) low 70's @ -20F and mid 40's @ -50F
Again in "as welded" condition.
Those numbers meet or beat the 71 (E71T-XX) series dual shield wires, beats "the" structural flux core wire, 232 (E71T-8).

No consumable in any process can even come close the better LoHi numbers tho.